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Powering Efficiency and Innovation with Automation Acceleration Center (AAC)

Powering Efficiency and Innovation with Automation Acceleration Center (AAC) 

We are proud to announce our key role in the successful launch of QX Global Group’s Automation Acceleration Center (AAC), a cutting-edge Center of Expertise (COE) designed to revolutionize the Business Process Management (BPM) industry. 

How it works? 

The core mission of the AAC is to deliver practical, relevant, and high return-on-investment automation solutions for our customers worldwide.  The suite of capabilities extends from Robotic Process Automation, through Machine Learning, and onto Artificial Intelligence, including the very latest Generative AI solutions. 

In addition, the AAC is able to provide QX developed technology enablers that can complement or add to existing client technologies.   

The AAC is comprised of teams based in India, Colombia and Mexico, and totals more than 250 team members.   

It operates with a unique model, supported by dedicated Automation Ambassadors who liaise with clients through Client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).   

The approach facilitates the identification and implementation of automation solutions tailored to specific client needs. 

Generative AI in GBS: Transformative Possibilities

Chazey’s Solutions

Global business services

Our practitioners provide advice on developing a strategy, implementing a shared services center, and optimizing the shared services organization, to improve performance.

Business Transformation

Our management consultants will explain how the success of a Transformation, comes from excellent preparation across a number of areas, such as customer, technology, processes and people.

Robotic Process Automation

Our RPA experts will help you to assess, design and build robots on multiple tools, while training your team on how they can monitor, maintain and prioritize future bots.


IA Week Winter Atlanta 2023

Discover the various kinds and uses of Generative AI, gaining insight into its complexities.
Uncover the impact of Generative AI on intelligent automation, including RPA.

Learn how intelligent human-machine conversations with AI assistance redefine the user experience Understand the capabilities and constraints of Generative AI.

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