TRW Automotive
October 24, 2023

TRW Automotive

Shifting Shared Services from a commodity to a strategic value driver – A winning strategy for TRW’s Global Shared Services.

“The greatest success to date, however, is not measured in dollars or Euros. Rather, it’s in having shifted Shared Services from a commodity to a strategic value driver.” – Richard Rowan, Director of Global Shared Services, TRW.

TRW Automotive, a global leader in automotive active and passive safety systems, runs a global shared services model with regional centers in the US, Europe, Asia, and Mexico. Having started in 1997 with one center servicing only North America, the company has been taking an increasingly global approach to services delivery. Over the past decade plus, the shared services has evolved from what started as a functionally and process-specific operation into an increasingly sophisticated model that has expanded globally. This growth was part of a “Circle of Influence” strategy – meaning that as the global Shared Services operation delivers excellent services and value performance, it increases its “Circle of Influence” and scope.

The case study highlights TRW Shared Services’ global expansion journey and its winning strategy of shifting the Shared Services from a commodity to a strategic value driver.

Download  TRW Global Business Services (GBS) Case Study


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