Global Business Services

Global Business Services

Over the past years, although the Shared Services model has shown itself effective in delivering standardized, cost-effective, and consistent support services, evolving management thinking has led to a more pronounced demand for better quality data insights, more globalized support strategy, and integrated, enterprise-wide decision-making that is leading many organizations to target a more sophisticated ‘Global Business Services’ (GBS) model.


What exactly is Global Business Services?

Global Business Services is a more evolved version of the Shared Services model. It is characterized by an integrated and consistent service portfolio, delivered across the entire enterprise. Usually covering multiple regions/locations, operating units and functions/service lines. With global leadership, a mix of internal and outsourced service provision, core ERP and technology enablement and global process ownership. Often reporting directly into a CXO.

Compared to Shared Services, GBS provides:

    • A more integrated model, providing consistent governance, processes, service levels and quality
    • Services often beyond simply “transactional and administrative”
    • More expertise to deliver higher value “professional and technical” services
    • Alignment across global functions, business units, locations
    • Capturing and leveraging quality data, reporting and insights
    • Greater synergies as more functions and sub-functions are added
    • More holistic, “organization-wide” decision-making

Often a seat at the top table, because operates as a Business Unit in its own right


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Global Business Services solution includes:

      • Assessment & development of GBS strategy
      • Establishment of global governance model
      • Development of global process ownership
      • Engagement of value-added services