The Big Shared Services Trends For 2024!

So, we’ve reached the time of year where we start looking forward to 2024, and examining how we spend our time, where our priorities should lie and what we’re aiming to change and achieve for the year ahead. This can be in terms of career goals or goals for your business. In order to kick start that conversation and provide some inspiration we invited Phil Searle, Founder of Chazey Partners, back on the podcast – Phil shares what he thinks are key trends and themes we should be focusing on for the year

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AI Unleashed: Transforming Global Business Services With Generative AI

Generative AI has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips for the last few months, but as with any new solution, the more it’s talked about the more the conversation is diluted and the more difficult it becomes to distinguish fact from fiction, marketing spiel from the reality and so on. In this discussion SSON talks to Phil Searle, CEO, Chazey Partners about the opportunities Generative AI can provide for GBS, the risk factors people need to take into account, the processes that are...

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Exploring The Vast Potential Of GBS With Herbalife

This week Phil Searle, CEO and Chief Transformation Officer, Chazey Partners returns to the podcast along with Neil Spiers, SVP Global Business Services, Herbalife. In this conversation, the two dive into their lengthy partnership shedding light on “the art of the possible” in GBS. This includes, how Herbalife are now playing an increasingly strategic role in supporting the achievement of business goals and transformation agendas.

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