Our Experts

  • Frank Robinson
    Frank Robinson
    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Frank is the Group CEO of QX Global Group.  He joined the company in 2019 as Commercial Director,...

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  • Phil Searle
    Phil Searle
    CEO, Chazey Partners and Chief Transformation Officer, QX Global Group

    Phil is the Founder and CEO of Chazey Partners. He has more than 25 years of experience in Financ...

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  • Russell Michna
    Russell Michna
    Managing Director USA & Canada

    Russell is responsible for the development of customer relationships, brand management as well as...

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  • Esteban Carril
    Esteban Carril
    Managing Director Latin America

    Esteban is an executive with 20 years of Finance, Shared Services and Operations management exper...

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  • Lee Coulter
    Lee Coulter
    Global Head of Transformation

    Lee brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and industry wisdom to our team. With roles such...

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  • Tim O' Donnell
    Tim O' Donnell
    Senior Vice President of Global Sales

    Tim has more than 25 years of management consulting and technology enabled business transformatio...

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  • Chuy Michel
    Chuy Michel
    Vice President of Intelligent Automation

    Chuy has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, focused on Shared Services, process transfor...

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  • Chas Moore
    Chas Moore
    Vice President of Transformation

    Chas Moore is the Vice President of Transformation for QX Chazey Partners, currently heading up t...

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  • Alex Douglas
    Alex Douglas
    Vice President Systems Integration

    Alex joined Chazey Partners in 2021 and has led global finance process redesign through to implem...

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  • Punit Somani
    Punit Somani
    Vice-President Sales - FAO

    Punit joined Chazey Partners in 2023 and has been leading the go to market initiatives for global...

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  • Jim Emerick
    Jim Emerick
    Senior Procurement Lead

    Jim joined Chazey Partners in 2019 and has project managed transformations initiatives with large...

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  • Emer O’Kelly
    Emer O’Kelly
    Project Manager

    Emer has always been involved in change and business reorganization of one kind or another even i...

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  • Christina Exarchou
    Christina Exarchou
    Senior Human Resources Lead

    Christina joined Chazey Partners in 2011 as the HR Lead for the HR projects for Chazey, including...

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  • Carolina Puentes Hernández
    Carolina Puentes Hernández
    Change Management Lead

    Carolina joined Chazey Partners in 2020 as a senior consultant in charge of leading and implement...

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  • Aimee Nakhlé
    Aimee Nakhlé
    Change and Communication Manager

    Aimee joined Chazey Partners as a senior consultant supporting the University of California’s Lab...

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  • Monica Avila
    Monica Avila
    Senior Project Manager

    Monica joined Chazey Partners in 2016 as IT Business Process Integrator leading the technology la...

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  • Ezequiel Rizzo
    Ezequiel Rizzo
    Senior Project Manager

    Ezequiel joined Chazey Partners in 2016 and is responsible for managing transformation and shared...

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  • Alejandro Macias
    Alejandro Macias
    Senior Project Manager

    Alejandro has worked with Chazey Partners for over 10 years and has 20 years of experience in bus...

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  • James (Jim) Leedy
    James (Jim) Leedy
    Senior Project Manager

    Jim joined Chazey in 2018 and has served as a PM for business transformation engagements with com...

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  • Jose Juan Castillo
    Jose Juan Castillo
    Finance Lead

    Jose Juan is project manager with a focus on finance & administration, accounting, payables, ...

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  • Gerald Sackey-Addo
    Gerald Sackey-Addo
    Finance Lead / Business Process Integration Manager

    Gerald joined Chazey Partners in 2021 and has been supporting clients with their finance Business...

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  • Meena Veeramalla
    Meena Veeramalla
    Senior Finance Lead

    Meena joined Chazey Partners in 2021 as a senior responsible for various finance and accounting p...

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  • Matias Garavano
    Matias Garavano
    Business Process Integration Manager

    Matias’s overall experience with Chazey Partners is 7 years. He has developed strong experience w...

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  • Juan Jaramillo
    Juan Jaramillo
    Business Development Manager, Latin America

    Juan joined Chazey Partners in 2020 and his main responsibility is designing and building IT orga...

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  • Monica Nieto
    Monica Nieto
    Business Process Integration Lead

    Monica has broad experience in the diagnosis of finance and human resources processes, design and...

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  • Diana Villegas
    Diana Villegas
    Business Process Integration Lead

    Diana has been working with Chazey Partners for 6 years. She has participated in various business...

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  • Torsten Schulz
    Torsten Schulz
    Intelligent Automation Delivery Lead

    Torsten Joined Chazey Partners in 2020. As the Delivery Lead he manages both functional and techn...

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  • Chetna Anand
    Chetna Anand
    Global Head of Marketing

    Chetna Anand is Chazey Partner’s Global Head of Marketing and is focused on strengthening the Cha...

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  • Miguel Angel López
    Miguel Angel López
    Senior Marketing Manager LATAM

    Miguel Angel López Miguel Angel is the Marketing Manager for Latin America. He is responsible ...

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