Global Business Services – Transformation Driver & Digital Enabler
May 22, 2018

Global Business Services – Transformation Driver & Digital Enabler

Over many years, the Shared Services model has proven to be an effective means of delivering standardized, high quality and cost-effective business support services.  Leading practices Shared Services organizations have evolved the model into a more holistic, end-to-end, globalized and enterprise-wide support offering.  This has enabled the realization of even greater benefits, including tightly aligned support for the strategic mission of the enterprise, truly standardized and automated end-to-end processes, and better leverage and use of data and analytics.  This has come to be known as the Global Business Services model.

We are pleased to partner with the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) to produce a Global Business Services (GBS) report, which delineates the current state of Global Business Services (GBS) and details the most detailed picture yet of the present-day GBS landscape.

The SSON surveyed some leading GBS organizations in late 2017 to identify why they chose a GBS strategy, how they have structured it, the advantages it yields, how it is supporting transformation, and why it is a good enabler of data analytics and intelligent automation.  We (Chazey Partners) supported the report based on our team’s first-hand experience as shared services practitioners and proven transformation approach that has been adopted by many businesses around the world.

A GBS model can certainly deliver both strategic and operational benefits far beyond that of a more traditional Shared Services model.  Yet to achieve its full potential, organizations implementing a GBS model must overcome numerous challenges such as internal politics, functional silos, multiple technology platforms, bureaucratic decision-making, resource limitation, and cross-enterprise process ownership.  Even if a ‘fully implemented’ GBS model is not readily attainable or is perhaps not suitable for the enterprise today, by striving for a level of ‘globalization’, organizations can still reap the benefits from the GBS model in a way that is practical, relevant, appropriate and achievable.

The report also offers valuable insights from 9 senior GBS leaders and some of Chazey’s partners’ viewpoints on key aspects of the GBS model, such as Robotic Process Automation, Services Management, Reporting Structure & Governance, and Global Process Ownership.

Global Business Services – Transformation Driver & Digital Enabler