Unleashing the “Triple Benefits” of Shared Services for Federal Agencies in the US
September 25, 2017

Unleashing the “Triple Benefits” of Shared Services for Federal Agencies in the US

Federal agencies’ move to Shared Services has been once again put on the spotlight under the Trump administration.  With Agency Reform Plans due to be finalized and submitted to the Office of Management and Budget by the end of month, Chazey Partners is urging Federal agencies to not only incorporate Shared Services as part of their reform plans, but to take steps NOW to start their Shared Services implementation or expansion plans.

Shared Services is an operating model and approach which, if implemented properly, has tremendous potential for Federal agencies to obtain a “triple benefit”:

  • Enabling greater efficiency, effectively “Running the Government for Less”
  • Providing improved visibility, transparency and control, reducing acknowledged waste such as significant improper payments
  • Improving the quality of services for taxpayers and citizens dependent on each agency’s core mission

Chazey Partners has been a huge advocate of the shared services model for government agencies and has been actively engaged in numerous efforts to help modernize service delivery at the U.S. Federal level.  It has recently contributed its thoughts on the American Technology Council’s Draft Report to the President on IT Modernization.  Phil Searle, CEO & Founder of Chazey Partners was selected as one of the industry thought leaders to share his experience on successfully implementing SaaS for Federal HR needs.  Additionally, Craig Ackerman, Principal of Federal Practice of Chazey Partners has recently provided a Chazey research paper on “Shared Services in the Public Sector in the US” to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget, who found the research paper ‘most helpful’ in their search for information on government shared services initiatives.

There is much current interest and discussion underway regarding shared services initiatives due to the ongoing agency reform planning.  Chazey Partners very much looks forward to helping Federal government agencies navigate the needs, challenges and opportunities to implement or grow shared services as part of their reform strategy.

For more information about Chazey Partners’ practice to support Federal agencies, contact Craig Ackerman, Principal of Federal Practice craigackerman@chazeypartners.com

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