Phil Searle of Chazey Partners Receives the “Leader of Change” award from the California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) Conference Planning Committee
October 3, 2018

Phil Searle of Chazey Partners Receives the “Leader of Change” award from the California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) Conference Planning Committee

Phil Searle, CEO & Founder of Chazey Partners, a global management consulting and advisory services firm headquartered in California, has been recognized as a “Leader of Change” by the California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) Conference Planning Committee.

Mr. Searle received his award at CHEC’s evening reception during its annual conference, on October 1st, 2018, at Sonoma State University. Past recipients of this award include California Assembly member Mark Levine and CSU Board of Trustees member and president of ECMC Foundation, Peter Taylor. Ron Coley, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services at University of California, Riverside was also recognized at the reception.

First convened in 2013, the CHEC brings staff together from across California public higher education to share emerging practices, collaborate on opportunities for process innovations that work, and improve service to students, faculty, and fellow staff. CHEC advocates cross-campus and cross-system/regional collaborations.

“We are very pleased to recognize Phil Searle as a ‘Leader of Change’. This is the sixth year of our conference, and Mr. Searle and Chazey Partners have not only advocated for innovation and efficiency throughout California higher education since our first event, but have also directly advised individual projects, campuses and system-wide efforts to improve service and outcomes.” Commented Cathy O’Sullivan, Chief of Staff to the Chief Operating Officer, University of California Office of the President. “Phil has brought his rich and practical experience from the private sector that he has gained over the years. He is among the rare individuals that can really understand higher education.”

Picture: Phil Searle (holding the award) with Cathy O’Sullivan, together with Mike Redmond (to the right of Phil) and Jorge Burwick (to the left of Cathy) of the California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) Conference Planning Committee

“I am very honored to receive this award”, commented Phil Searle, “I have really enjoyed being involved in the California Higher Education Collaborative since 2013, and working with so many inspirational and passionate colleagues across the three systems.  It is wonderful to have seen first-hand the growth, impact and ongoing potential of the CHEC event, and to have witnessed the excellent collaboration within and between institutions throughout California.  The CHEC goal to support the three segments of California public higher education with exchange of ideas and best practices, to help improve administrative performance, service, and outcomes, is a worthy one.  All to support the mission of providing quality education, research and health services, as well as the communities within which we live and work.”

As an advisory firm specializing in shared services, business transformation and Robotic Process Automation, Chazey Partners is proud to support this event year after year, sharing its hands-on experience, proven methodology and practical approach to back-office transformation in higher education.  Chazey has worked with several California higher education, research and health institutions, including University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), University of California Office of the President (UCOP), University of California, Davis (UCD), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), as well as universities and systems in other states across the US.

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