Chazey Partners and COVID19: a New Staff’s Impression
December 2, 2020

Chazey Partners and COVID19: a New Staff’s Impression

[Colombia – December 2020] – Chazey Partners, a leading management consulting firm specializing in Shared ServicesBusiness Transformation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), congratulates its new-hire, Melissa Acosta, on her first six successful months with the company.

Melissa joined the team during the pandemic lockdown. In light with company’s core COVID19 response which is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of its employees, Melissa joined the team in Colombia virtually. Instead of the traditional welcoming and orientation, she experienced her first six months with a different set of staff onboarding and training exercises.

Though working remotely from the get-go, Mellisa has demonstrated her capability to work from home, collaborate and communicate effectively with her team, and deliver excellent results.  “Though I missed the excitement of meeting with the team members, I was extended with the warmest welcome and given thorough orientations on my role, all by looking into my computer screen in my newly set-up home office”, said Melissa. She further commented “The first six months at Chazey Partners have been a great experience for me.  I have enjoyed developing my shared services, master data management, project management, and stakeholder management skills. I look forward to many more months to come and the challenges and development opportunities ahead.”

Esteban Carril, Chazey Partners Principal Latin America, congratulated Melissa’s excellent work during her first six months, and was also very proud of how the company and the team have worked together to cope with this global crisis. He said, “We are committed to navigating this pandemic and serving each and every one of our clients, and our employees. The team has made it all happen with remote consulting, conference calls, collaboration tools and flexibility than ever before“.

Melissa shared her impression of her first six months with Chazey Partners. Read the full story here.

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