No commitment to customer, it is not Shared Services!
September 4, 2017

No commitment to customer, it is not Shared Services!

Esteban Carril, Managing Director of Chazey Partners Latin America, has recently presented a workshop at SSON’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America in Miami, focusing on Shared Services Customer Engagement Evolution.

Regardless how the Shared Services industry has evolved over the past decades, and how technologies have propelled industry pioneers to embrace new ways of advancing Shared Services, one could never argue Shared Services is still first and foremost about the customer.

Esteban commented after the event, “No commitment to the customer, it is not Shared Services. Sustainable success hinges on satisfied clients.  A leading Shared Services distinguishes itself from a simple act of centralization and drives a spirit of partnership between the SSO, its clients, and all key stakeholders.”

“Through a structured Client Interaction Framework, you can measure crucial implementation, control levers for service delivery, and enhance customer experience with measurable outcomes.  My team and I have applied this tested and proved methodology in many Shared Services projects, whether it is a new launch or an existing operations seeking optimization.  And we will always advise our fellow practitioners to capture and leverage the ‘voice of the customer’ to evolve their SSO’s value proposition.”

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