Chazey Partners Conducted a Workshop at the USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018
January 30, 2018

Chazey Partners Conducted a Workshop at the USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018

Craig Ackerman, Global Head of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of Chazey Partners was recently invited to conduct a Process Selection Workshop at the USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018 organized by Kisaco Research.

The conference provided an excellent open platform for leading service delivery and automation professionals to discuss the benefits and opportunities of RPA technology, and the real-world challenges they’re facing in implementation.

Organizations continuously strive to achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined operations as a matter of course, particularly with Shared Services. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest value driver to promise a quantum advance for Shared Services.  It introduces greater speed, efficiency, standardization and accuracy and is well suited to automate repetitive, high volume, rules-based tasks.

At the event, Craig commented: “The trend in RPA is moving from ‘how to get started’ to ‘how to scale RPA for enterprise value’. Attendees are encouraged to think about transformation, not just projects, and to start with strategy and vision for their digital journeys. It is exciting to hear case studies from companies, large and small, as they discuss where they are going with RPA in 2018.”

RPA is being implemented in a broad range of industries, and it can be a game changer if it forms part of a broader transformation strategy, where all four success factors –  people/organization, process, client and technology – are taken into consideration. If your organization is constrained by repetitive manual processes, siloed business units and legacy systems, implementing RPA could enable you to unleash significant efficiency.

If you would like to gain a copy of the workshop slide deck, please leave your details at the contact us page.

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