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Global Business Services

Over the past years, although the Shared Services model has shown itself effective in delivering standardized, cost-effective, and consistent support services, evolving management thinking has led to a more pronounced demand for better quality data insights, more globalized support strategy, and integrated, enterprise wide decision-making that is leading many organizations to target a more sophisticated ‘Global Business Services’ (GBS) model.

Chazey Partners has many decades worth of experience in establishing and optimizing Global Business Services across large and medium size companies around the world.  Our Global Business Services practice works closely with senior executives to understand their strategic vision and to recommend how GBS might align with their business strategy to drive better results.  We advise our clients from business case assessment and road map setting, right through to design and implementation.  We also carry out current state assessments of existing GBS arrangements, with a focus on optimization and improvement opportunities.


What exactly is Global Business Services?

Global Business Services is a more evolved version of the Shared Services model.  It is characterized by an integrated and consistent service portfolio, delivered across the entire enterprise.  Usually covering multiple regions/locations, operating units and functions/service lines.  With global leadership, a mix of internal and outsourced service provision, core ERP and technology enablement and global process ownership.  Often reporting directly into a CXO.

Compared to Shared Services, GBS provides:


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Global Business Services solution includes:

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