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Shared Services

What is, “Shared Services”?

“Shared Services”, is a delivery model for the effective and efficient delivery of non-core services to the business. It employs a specialist team, geographically unconstrained, and focuses on the requirements of the customer. Shared Services is characterized by its client-focus, use of technology, and implementation of leading practices. The goal of Shared Services is to provide high quality, non-core, but mission-critical services to the business at a lower cost and more efficiently than the business could otherwise provide for itself.

A Shared Service Organization operates as a business in that it seeks to provide services to its clients (rather than treating volume as a workload to be avoided), and it strives for continuous improvement.  The organization is focused on providing better customer services, maturing the model and extracting greater value.

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Why Chazey Partners?

Through the years, we have built, operated and turned around some of the world’s most highly commended and groundbreaking shared services solutions, in both the private and public sectors.

Our team consists of practitioners and subject matter experts who have been on both sides of the project.  All of our proposed team members have gained significant operational experience leading and transforming back-office operations, and assessing, designing, setting up and running global business support operations.

We are committed to transferring our knowledge and experience.  Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to ensure the optimum suitability of the solution and ensure internal ownership of the project.


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End to End Solution: From Assessment to Implementation

Our approach to the development and implementation of end-to-end Shared Services includes five phases: Assessment and Business Case, Design, Build, Deploy, Stabilize and Optimize. We focus on the unique environment within the organization, offering impartial advice and support to ensure the best solutions for your organization are found. Our approach is partnership based, matching your key internal resources to our project team, thereby facilitating knowledge transfer to your team. This helps you to become self-sufficient while also stabilizing and sustaining the new Shared Services Organization.

Our proven methodology has been developed by a team of highly experienced practitioners, and is based on real-life, hands-on, operational experience gained through building, operating and managing high-performing, leading practice operations globally, across multiple industries, and in both the private and public sectors.


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Shared Services End-to-End solution includes:

  • Assessment & Feasibility Study
  • Business Case and Recommendations
  • Design & Build
  • Deploy & Implementation
  • Stabilize & Optimize
  • Change Management
  • Location Analysis

Business Case

What is a Shared Services business case and why does your Shared Services initiative need a business case? At its most basic level, the business case describes a problem and proposes a solution. The solution will require a commitment of resources, so the business case justifies this business decision by outlining the change rationale and providing the costs and benefits.

At Chazey Partners, we recommend a leading practices business case. Not only will it provide the change rationale and a vehicle to achieve executive buy-in, but a leading practices business case will also provide a blue print for the solution through the comparison of as-is to the future state processes. We have helped a great number of organizations to develop this blueprint for their Shared Services and transformation initiatives.


  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Location Analysis
  • Developing a new operating model
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7 Pointers to a Robust Shared Services Business Case
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Optimization and ReBooting

Whether you have just implemented Shared Services or have an existing Shared Services Organization (SSO) that is performing sub-optimally, the next step is Shared Services optimization. Shared Services Optimization is so much more than just getting bigger. If you simply increase volume and scope, you risk making any current issues of your SSO larger and actually increase your risk of failure. Our approach to Shared Services optimization includes four basic stages: better, cheaper, freer, and bigger.

Chazey Partners’ robust Shared Services rebooting methodology provides SSOs with the foundation for delivering higher performance and establishing an SSO that is best positioned to support the organization.


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Shared Services optimization and rebooting solution includes:

  • Assessment & Recommendations
  • Client Interaction Framework
  • Performance & Metrics Framework
  • Change Management
  • Process Enhancement
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Technology Enablement
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Outsourcing Assessment

Sourcing, negotiating, and managing relationships with third party providers where use of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers has been deemed part of the most optimal sourcing mix. Independent of any outsourcing providers, Chazey Partners offers impartial sourcing advice and support, covering both internal and external options, to ensure that the best solutions for your business are found.

Whether you are planning to engage BPO as your back-office service delivery model for your organization, or to shift towards a hybrid model to drive further performance improvements out of your existing internal Shared Services, we help you to design and optimize the most appropriate sourcing model based on your organization’s existing structure, needs and requirements.


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our outsourcing assessment solution includes:

  • Optimal Sourcing Model Design
  • BPO provider selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Hybrid model solution

Global Business Services

Over the past years, although the Shared Services model has shown itself effective in delivering standardized, cost-effective, and consistent support services, evolving management thinking has led to a more pronounced demand for better quality data insights, more globalized support strategy, and integrated, enterprise wide decision-making that is leading many organizations to target a more sophisticated ‘Global Business Services’ (GBS) model.

Chazey Partners has many decades worth of experience in establishing and optimizing Global Business Services across large and medium size companies around the world.  Our Global Business Services practice works closely with senior executives to understand their strategic vision and to recommend how GBS might align with their business strategy to drive better results.  We advise our clients from business case assessment and road map setting, right through to design and implementation.  We also carry out current state assessments of existing GBS arrangements, with a focus on optimization and improvement opportunities.


What exactly is Global Business Services?

Global Business Services is a more evolved version of the Shared Services model.  It is characterized by an integrated and consistent service portfolio, delivered across the entire enterprise.  Usually covering multiple regions/locations, operating units and functions/service lines.  With global leadership, a mix of internal and outsourced service provision, core ERP and technology enablement and global process ownership.  Often reporting directly into a CXO.

Compared to Shared Services, GBS provides:

  • A more integrated model, providing consistent governance, processes, service levels and quality
  • Services often beyond simply “transactional and administrative”
  • More expertise to deliver higher value “professional and technical” services
  • Alignment across global functions, business units, locations
  • Capturing and leveraging quality data, reporting and insights
  • Greater synergies as more functions and sub-functions are added
  • More holistic, “organization-wide” decision-making
  • Often a seat at the top table, because operates as a Business Unit in its own right


Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Global Business Services solution includes:

  • Assessment & development of GBS strategy
  • Establishment of global governance model
  • Development of global process ownership
  • Engagement of value-added services

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Technology Enablement

While much of the attention and effort associated with Shared Services / Business Transformation initiatives must necessarily focus on people and process, technology is a significant enabler. However, poorly implemented technology can have the opposite effect. It requires a detailed understanding of the processes and systems that the technology is being integrated into and the inherent challenges of those processes and systems. At Chazey Partners, we offer you a clear roadmap on selecting and implementing a new technology that best suits your organization’s business environment.


  • ERP implementation and optimization strategy
  • HCM system implementation and optimization
  • Documentation Management implementation and optimization
  • Scanning tools selection and implementation
  • Purchasing Requisitioning tools selection and implementation
  • Workflow tools selection and implementation
  • Business Intelligence tools selection and implementation
  • RPA technology selection and implementation


In Chazey, we have highly experienced professionals who have “lived and breathed” in some of the world’s highly commended transformation initiatives across the globe. With its unique wealth of expertise, Chazey could share its experience in a class room format to a group of executives within an organization. Whether it is Finance transformation, IT offshoring implementation or HR shared services and outsourcing, we have taken out leaves of experience and combined them to create highly enriched material for our classes. We supplement the material with seasoned Chazey trainers who make it a real-life.


  • Shared Services project management skills
  • Change Management skills
  • Talent Management
  • Shared Services leadership

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