Business Continuity Plan 2020 Webinar
April 22, 2021

Business Continuity Plan 2020 Webinar

Thursday, April 23

Making Your Business Continuity Plan Real: Reacting to COVID-19 and Preparing for the Next Crisis

Lessons learned from Covid-19, realizing virtual shared services, and what is coming next 

Covid-19 has been described as a once in a generation event, but a proper, tested business continuity plan will improve your organization’s resiliency to any severe business disruption, regardless of any event’s scope and rarity.

This session reviews lessons learned by private and public sector organizations as they take their BCPs off the shelf and react to the global pandemic in real-time. We will review what is going well, and what needs to change going forward, in order to prepare for the next pandemic/event.

We will include a case study from the UCPath Center – the University of California’s transactional hub that supports payroll, workforce administration and benefit services for more than 225,000 employees. The UCPath Executive Director, Dan Russi, will join us and share how the UCPath Center have adapted their business continuity plan for the Covid-19 pandemic, including going live with a remote working approach that has proven very successful.

We have been discussing the possibility and potential advantages of virtual shared services for years and now organizations are implementing a variety of virtual/remote models on the fly in reaction to shelter in place, social distancing, and essential services orders.  Is there an opportunity for distributed organizations to skip centrally located staffing models and move to more virtual shared services?

The session will close with a discussion on how we can leverage Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation to help organizations not only have an effective business continuity strategy, but also a more resilient, scalable, adaptable and efficient operating model for the support of ongoing operations.  We will review macro trends and what organizations need to do to prepare for the next business disruption.

Phil Searle, Founder and CEO of Chazey Partners (a global advisory service for business transformation) and Chas Moore, one of Chazey’s most experienced project managers, will share their experience of three decades in building, expanding and assessing shared services and GBS models around the world, to help you figure out the “how” as you face the challenge of building a shared services/GBS model that is both valuable to the business and resilient enough to face whatever the future may bring.


  • Dan Russi, Executive Director, UCPath Center, University of California
  • Phil Searle, CEO, Chazey Partners
  • Chas Moore, Project Manager, Chazey Partners

The webinar is part of the Business Continuity Plan 2020 Digital Summit organized by SSON

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