Chazey Partners to Co-Host an Executive Forum on Robotic Process Automation in Istanbul
April 11, 2018

Chazey Partners to Co-Host an Executive Forum on Robotic Process Automation in Istanbul

Chazey Partners, a global management consulting firm specializing in Shared Services, Business Transformation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), will be co-hosting a half-day executive forum on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Standards and Partners (SnP), a boutique consulting firm in Turkey.  The forum is taking place on April 26th in Fairmont Quasar Hotel in Istanbul.  Phil Searle, CEO & Founder, and Craig Ackerman, Global Head of RPA at Chazey Partners, will share insights into the impact of automation, robotics and digital workforce on business, and provide details on how to rapidly launch, grow and scale RPA for competitive advantage.

RPA is a software solution, commonly referred to as “bots”, which mimic or automate tasks normally performed by humans interacting with data between systems. As organizations continuously to strive to achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined, RPA has become the latest proposition to promise a quantum advance for business processes particularly for Shared Services.  In Turkey, RPA is in an infancy stage.  However, organizations have been exposed to concepts through global business units or partners, though they are yet to make large strides towards implementing at the local level.

This executive forum will offer executives in Turkey an unrivaled opportunity to understand how to kick-start a RPA initiative, and explore a high-level strategy to empower business through Intelligent Automation. Chazey Partners and SnP will also be charting a one-to-one consultation course at the forum for the organizations in Turkey who are exploring RPA solutions.

“As with any change, implementing RPA still needs proper planning, engagement  with  key  stakeholders,  clear  management  of  change  and  human resources, all supported by new operating models and frameworks in order to function optimally”, said Craig Ackerman of Chazey Partners, “With more than a decade of experience in implementing and optimizing shared services operations via technology enablement around the world for leading global enterprises, we understand the levers that need to be pulled to not only successfully deploy RPA, but also ensure it’s delivering meaningful business impact”.

In addition to the RPA service, Chazey Partners has been very active in Turkish market, helping organizations to deliver business transformation projects to achieve greater performance.  One of its client in Turkey is Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) where Chazey was engaged twice by CCI to deliver its Finance Transformation project.

For more information on this RPA forum in Istanbul, click the event page.