2017 Finance & Accounting Shared Services Dallas conference
June 1, 2017

2017 Finance & Accounting Shared Services Dallas conference

Chazey Partners is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 17th Annual Shared Services for Finance & Accounting event!

This event brings together Executives, Controllers, Treasurers, Global Process Owners and Directors from all over to learn about the newest and greatest practices and techniques to Simply, Standardize, Centralize and Optimize finance and accounting operations.

Phil Searle and Robert Towle will be leading a workshop at the event.

Panasonic North America – How to Improve Customer Satisfaction of Existing Shared Services

Despite several years of consolidation and cost reduction from operating a shared services model for a variety of functions, including Finance and Administrative, internal “customers” at Panasonic were still dissatisfied with many components of the services provided.  In this session, we will explore how Panasonic used the 9 elements of the “Customer Interaction Framework” to determine the reasons for the disapproval and how they were able to improve customer satisfaction through the implementation of the missing components.

To access to the event presentation, please contact sarahye@chazeypartners.com