Optimization & Rebooting

Optimization & Rebooting

Whether you have just implemented Shared Services or have an existing Shared Services Organization (SSO) that is performing sub-optimally, the next step is Shared Services optimization.  Shared Services Optimization is so much more than just getting bigger.  If you simply increase volume and scope, you risk making any current issues of your SSO larger and actually increase your risk of failure.


What exactly is next-generation Shared Services? We define it as an organization that is transformed from activity/functional focus to “as-a-service” focus. It is:

  • Capable: Customer-centric and business-aligned structure
  • Agile: Synthesize technology, finance support and business processes
  • Adaptable: Infuse process improvement, robust Client Interaction Framework
  • Efficient: Streamlined, standardized, focused and automated
  • Proactive: Build enterprise supporting strategy skill-set

The Next-Generation Shared Services is positioned for scalable capacity and sustainable improvement.

  • Embraces a hybrid workforce, pervasive performance measurement, and continuous improvement culture
  • Leverages new digital technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation
  • Being perceived as a value-adding partner to core service delivery
  • Builds influence and support decision-making rather than focusing on transactional activities


Chazey Partners’ robust Shared Services rebooting methodology provides SSOs with the foundation for delivering higher performance and establishing an SSO that is best positioned to support the organization.  Blending more than two decades of experience in projects worldwide, our Shared Services optimization and rebooting solution includes:

  • Assessment & Recommendations
  • Client Interaction Framework
  • Performance & Metrics Framework
  • Change Management
  • Process Enhancement
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Technology Enablement