Revolutionizing Operations – Chazey Partners’ RPA Journey with U.S. Cellular.

Revolutionizing Operations – Chazey Partners’ RPA Journey with U.S. Cellular.

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile networks, U.S. Cellular Corporation stands out as a beacon of connectivity, serving over 4.9 million customers across 426 markets in 23 states. This case study dives into collaborative success story of U.S. Cellular and Chazey Partners, where intelligent automation has become the catalyst for operational transformation.

Chazey Partner’s Engagement: Driving RPA Excellence

U.S. Cellular enlisted the expertise of Chazey Partners to embark on a transformative journey aimed at scaling their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program. Chazey Partners assumed the role of not just an assistant but a strategic partner, supporting the Center of Excellence (COE) within an established UiPath environment. The key objectives included designing and deploying several automations, exploring new RPA opportunities within diverse organizational segments such as Consumer Operations, Strategic Initiatives, and Customer Support.

Navigating through complex ecosystems, Chazey Partners seamlessly interacted with multiple applications, including bespoke Java, SAP, and the customer intranet. The partnership also extended to providing Business Intelligence services for RPA, leveraging UiPath Insights to offer comprehensive data insights encompassing ROI, license utilization, and operational metrics.

Success Cases: Transformative Impact of Automation

The impact of this collaboration is highlighted through tangible success cases:

Discount Validation and Application Bot:

  • Achieved a significant time-saving equivalent to 0.7 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) in processing time, with plans to scale this to 1.75 FTEs over the next year.

Suspended Account Restoration Bot:

  • Successfully performs over 5000 transactions per month, equivalent to saving 1.8 FTEs.

Scheduling Forecast Bot:

  • Provides invaluable resource requirement scheduling forecasts for over 200 store managers each month.

Next Steps: Paving the Way for Future Innovations

The journey doesn’t end here; instead, it propels forward with a commitment to innovation. The next steps involve accelerating the discovery, development, and deployment of additional automations.

Chazey Partners and U.S. Cellular are actively adding new bots to the production pipeline regularly, ensuring a continuous evolution towards operational excellence.