Chetna Anand

Chetna Anand

Global Head of Marketing

Chetna Anand is Chazey Partner’s Global Head of Marketing and is focused on strengthening the Chazey brand in the marketplace and helping grow the business. She is responsible for brand, advertising, content, digital marketing, social media, corporate and financial communications, industry analyst, media relations and research, insights and analytics.

With over 20 years of broad cross-industry experience in the Middle East and India, Chetna considers herself as a ‘Change Enabler’ who is most fulfilled when sharing insights and nurturing trust. Chetna knows that transformation is only possible through fostering awareness and trust-based relationships.

She has pursued education in Digital Marketing from Cornell University and London Business School.

A former journalist, Chetna has many bylines in her name and has co-authored a coffee table book on sustainability called ‘Alive.