USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018 Dallas
January 10, 2018

USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018 Dallas

Chazey Partners is proud to be invited and present at the USA RPA & Cognitive Congress 2018 organized by Kisaco Research.   The event is taking place on Jan 17-18, 2018 in Dallas.  Companies of varying industry sectors, leading service delivery and automation professionals will be joining the event to discuss the benefits and opportunities of RPA technology, and the real-world challenges they’re facing in implementation.

Chazey Partners will be leading a workshop at the event.  The details are as follows:


  • How to assess opportunities for automation across the business, and identify low-hanging fruit.
  • How to identify what you ‘should’ automate, rather than what you ‘can’.
  • Assessing whether to hit the ground running with an imperfect solution, or wait and go with a more robust solution.
  • Choosing a process for a PoC/Pilot. Identifying the quick and easy wins.
  • Deciding between ‘attended’ and ‘unattended’ RPA for your processes.
  • Determining whether to draft external help or build your own internal capability form scratch.

If you would like to access to Chazey’s presentation material at the event, please email