SSOW Las Vegas 2023
October 24, 2023

SSOW Las Vegas 2023

Generative AI is rocking the business world. It summarizes, answers question, creates content, and creates code—but what is it? And how is it impacting Global Business Services.  By implementing Generative AI in GBS, organizations can automate content generation, enhance customer experience through AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants, streamline HR and talent management processes, and explore innovative solutions for complex business challenges. However, to leverage Generative AI effectively, businesses must address potential risks, such as bias, misinformation, and data privacy concerns, while ensuring ethical use and regulatory compliance. By embracing Generative AI responsibly, GBS can unlock novel opportunities, drive innovation, and achieve significant competitive advantages. Join this workshop to discuss:  

• The implications of Generative AI for GBS
• Explore real use cases, opportunities, and potential benefits.
• Discuss challenges, risks and pitfalls associated with Generative AI and how these can be best approached by C-suite leaders.