Intelligent Automation Week | Dallas | June 24 – June 26
April 9, 2024

Intelligent Automation Week | Dallas | June 24 – June 26


Navigating the complex automation landscape demands a strategic roadmap that guides the planning and execution of diverse automation programs. By developing impactful program roadmaps, and most notably, sticking to them, yet also with agility built into them, success rates increase. Furthermore, they must be aligned with business objectives, as technology should never come first, but instead solving a problem or creating opportunities must be the driving force for all automation programs, which is something that must be top of mind prior to moving forward with any automation program.

In this deep dive, collaboration workshop, the speakers and attendees will discuss and work through the below matters:

  • Key elements that must be included in automation program roadmaps, such as program objectives, course of action, technical and workforce requirements, deadlines, and measuring KPIs/metrics and ROI
  • Strategies to identify and manage potential risks and program hiccups associated with a variety of automation program rollouts
  • Engaging stakeholders across functions to ensure a collaborative and successful automation implementation
Speakers: Phil Searle, CEO & Founder, Chazey Partners
          Lee Coulter, Global Head of Transformation, Chazey Partners