27th North American SSOW Orlando
February 25, 2023

27th North American SSOW Orlando

March 20-23, 2023

Chazey Partners is a proud sponsor of #SSOWeek! We’re excited to join this innovative event to connect with shared services and global business services industry leaders. Join us in Orlando & get 20% off using code SSOW23_ChazeyPartners or by emailing us at us@chazeypartners.com

Global Business Services and the Art of the Possible – A Real Life Case Study

Global Business Services (GBS) as an evolution of the Shared Services/Multifunctional/Automated service delivery model is being asked to deliver more and play an increasingly strategic role in supporting the achievement of business goals and transformation agendas.

Learn about how this Fortune 1000 company operating in over 90 countries is well on the path to achieving this through:

•Global, multifunctional, end-to-end scope

•Supported by a new operating model, leveraging GBS and functional Centers-of-Excellence (COEs), focusing on the needs of the customer (external and internal)

•Truly round-the-clock support, with centers and teams based around the world, supported by a consistent service management framework, and standardized and documented processes

•Being enabled by a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy and some of the latest in Intelligent Automation

Walk away with real-life context on how your GBS can deliver your business and transformation agendas!

Download Case Study Here

How Digital Transformation in GBS is helping enable the OneOffice (HFS Research) Organization

Global Business Services has become a leader in helping execute the digital strategy of many businesses.  GBS organizations have been rapidly developing the necessary capabilities and culture to advance digital transformation and drive value across the organization.  Through digital transformation, GBS is also helping to connect the front, middle and back offices like never before, while producing enhanced value and experiences for customers, employees and partners.

Join this workshop to discuss:

  • Digitally transforming your business support functions
  • Leveraging and scaling automation across the organization
  • Building the OneOffice enterprise, connecting the front, middle and back offices
  • Leveraging business intelligence and advanced analytics to drive even greater value

Walk away with insights on how to reposition your SSC/GBS as a driver for, and a critical component of, the new OneOffice ecosystem!

[OneOffice Source: HFS Research – Digital OneOffice]

Download Workshop Here