2022 SSOW Autumn Las Vegas
August 25, 2023

2022 SSOW Autumn Las Vegas

September 20-23, 2022

Chazey Partners Workshop: Empowering your Shared Services/GBS organization through Digital Transformation

Given the fast-paced, digitally enabled, and uncertain, inter-connected world we are living in, and rapidly shifting stakeholder demands and macro circumstances (economic, environmental, health, and political), the next generation Shared Service/GBS operating model needs to transform and adapt to provide partnership, speed, quality, flexibility, scalability and efficiency, leverage the very latest in digital technology and intelligent automation, as well as still delivering on its more traditional process, service, compliance and control responsibilities.

Join us for a powerful session where we will cover:

  • Global trends shaping the Shared Services/GBS agenda post-COVID
  • What is digital transformation and how can it enable you to be future ready?
  • The role of predictive analytics, intelligent automation, and digitalization on your future operations
  • From “Back-Office” to “One-Office” – proactively moving up the value-chain to support enterprise-wide decision making

Walk away from this workshop with an action plan to empower your Shared Services/GBS organization


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