How to implement a new shared services center – Part I
February 20, 2017

How to implement a new shared services center – Part I

For any shared services projects, if you don’t plan properly, your project stands on weak legs. That goes for pretty much anything but especially for shared services, where business processes out of business units and into a new causes plenty of anxiety for both parties. To minimize the negative impact, you need to start with a strong feasibility study, which clearly states the business case and benefits to all stakeholders; and you need to choose the appropriate migration strategy (and there are always multiple options, so beware) based on your organization’s preferred results.

This article highlights how a well thought out feasibility study, and clear objectives helped the company in this paper choose the best migration strategy given its preferred outcome (cost savings).

The article forms part of “How to implement a new shared services center” series as part one.  Part Two explains shared services build and design.


How to implement a new Shared Services Center series part 1