A Deep Dive into Center of Excellence for Your RPA/IA Programs
July 31, 2018

A Deep Dive into Center of Excellence for Your RPA/IA Programs

Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence

While Intelligent Automation (IA), and specifically Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are still in the early stages of development, roll-out and acceptance things are moving rapidly! Indeed, this new frontier of automation is primed to change the landscape of process and service delivery across all functions (in both the back office and front office).  Whilst early adopters have already learned that the introduction of robotics is not a “quick fix” and works best as part of a broader optimization and automation strategy, rather than necessarily as point-in-time standalone solutions, many organizations are recognizing and beginning to plan for the potential enterprise-wide impact and benefits of robotics, by building IA and RPA Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

This CoE can provide the organizational structure, methodology, skills, tools and governance framework for handling the future RPA needs of the whole enterprises; including for areas that directly impact front office and core operations as well, such as sales and marketing, and research and development.  In our experience, once different areas of organizations are introduced to, and understand the capabilities of, RPA, the demand can become off the charts, with everyone lining up to get their processes supplemented by “bots”.  An appropriate, adaptable and scalable model is key to meeting these needs, and a CoE model is a great way of offering this capability.

Key Aspects of RPA CoE

I recently led a workshop at IQPC’s Intelligent Automation Week Chicago, exploring how to establish and manage a best in class Intelligent Automation CoE. At this two-hour workshop, I discussed the various aspects of IA CoE, including the following points:

  • Various CoE models, such as: hybrid, functional, etc.
  • How to establish (or enhance) an effective governance and centralized structure to support your organization’s intelligent automation CoE initiatives
  • Effective CoE and governance process models
  • Risk, Controls & Audits
  • Chargeback models and would they work for your CoE
  • Methods to successfully develop and manage effective change management initiatives – and effective PR, marketing, and communication plans

As with any change, implementing RPA/IA still needs proper planning, engagement with key stakeholders,  clear management of change and human resources, all supported by new operating models and frameworks in order to function optimally.  Determining a CoE model enables your Intelligent Automation project to operate at a maximum level.

If your organization is evaluating the need to establish a CoE for your IA program, and/or would like to increase its effectiveness, this deep dive CoE session is a perfect way to learn more about how to do just that.

Download the workshop presentation deck – Establish and Manage a Best in Class Intelligent Automation CoE

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