octubre 24, 2023

University of California, Davis

UC Davis is one of ten campuses in the University of California system, the world’s pre-eminent public university system.  Founded in 1905, UC Davis had a 2013/14 operating expenditure budget of $3.4 billion with 33,300 students in four colleges and six professional schools, while the UC Davis Health System serves 6 million people over 33 counties.

Chazey Partners was commissioned to perform a six-week review of the first eighteen months of the SSC’s operation, in recognition that performance was sub-optimal to the original business case.  In carrying out this review we focused on the strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities associated with the deployment of Shared Services at UC Davis and the operation of the SSC itself.  We also assessed the original business case against current operations and looked at the SSC scope in relation to function, process and sub-process, as well as the potential client scope, in terms of services provided to the Administrative and Academic units.  As part of this work, we performed a review of the existing financial models and performed a comprehensive examination at the Client Interaction Framework.  This assessment contributed to a culture of continuous improvement to help ensure a robust foundation for the expansion of UC Davis’ services, in line with its strategic vision and plans.