Shared Services Location Analysis

Shared Services Center Location Analysis

The location of Shared Service Center (SSC) will have a critical impact on both the quality of the service delivered to the business units and the cost savings achieved.  However, choosing the optimal location for your SSC (location analysis) could be a very challenging process.  And in gaining a commitment to a location for an SSC, an organization can face conflicting internal objectives and differing priorities.

The optimum answer is very much dependent on your business and should not be made on the basis of wage arbitrage or tax incentives alone.  To make the right location decision, an organization needs to follow a robust evaluation based on a set of criteria tailored to the specific circumstances of the organization and the market that the organization operates within.   You also need a structured approach to facilitate internal buy-in and ensures that the organization makes the right decision that delivers the best long-term solution with the right level of risk.


  • Developing customized and weighted location parameters selected
  • Generating a shortlist of prioritized locations based on the client’s business environment
  • Presenting a detailed and facts based location analysis report
  • Providing strategic advice based on the location analysis report
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