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IA Business Case & Roadmap

RPA Business Case & Automation Roadmap

RPA programs are characterized by rapid Return on Investment (ROI), especially after the initial launch, once stakeholder engagement and education begin to drive a robust pipeline of additional RPA projects.  It is essential to develop an RPA Business Case to define your RPA vision and objectives, quantify and estimate expected costs, savings, value, ROI and timelines.  We help you to establish a robust business case.  In addition, we plot the expected utilization and redeployment of resources and define the future expansion of RPA services.

The last piece of your RPA launch project is your Automation Roadmap.  It provides a blueprint for building and launching the Center of Expertise (CoE), recommends next processes to automate, details suggested foundational training and outlines ongoing change management and communication efforts.

Chazey Partners produces your Automation Roadmap and presents it to your project sponsors and interested executives with the Business Case.


  • Develop a robust RPA business case
  • Define the future expansion of RPA services
  • Develop an Automation Roadmap

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