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Proof of Concept & Vendor Selection

Following the Assessment phase, we build and implement the pilot robot(s), delivering capabilities in successive iterations to facilitate testing, troubleshooting and change management activities.  We monitor, measure and report the outcomes and results of the POCs / pilots to ensure that the automation is achieving the expected benefits.  To complete the Proof of Concept, Chazey Partners helps our clients to evaluate suitable RPA software vendors and to consider available tools.  We factor in our client’s automation objectives, roadmap requirements and parameters for pricing, as well as their ability to do development and provide support/maintenance for different tools.  Chazey Partners typically presents three possible options and help our clients to compare these tools based on a set of assessment criteria, evaluate each RPA vendor and weight the assessment factors accordingly. The chosen solution will depend on client’s overall automation objectives, expectations, timelines, matched with the available solution characteristics.


  • Build and implement pilot robot(s)
  • Monitor, measure and report outcomes and results of the POCs / pilots
  • Evaluate suitable RPA software vendors
  • Help choose the right software vendor
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