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End-to-End Robotic Process Automation Implementation

With all sound propositions, business leaders are advised to develop a structured framework as the building blocks with clear, tangible benefits and correctly defined expectations before embarking on RPA initiatives.  At Chazey Partners, our Robotic Process Automation Assessment and Roadmap offers our clients a clear, structured framework with which to launch a successful RPA journey and set expectations.  This ensures the technology is integrated well within the existing systems and business operations and empowers your business to be future-ready with dynamic adjustment of processes along your automation journey.


This end-to-end Automation Methodology leads you through assessing your readiness, building a business case, designing an operating model, selecting potential vendors, managing business change and developing an appropriate roadmap.  This same rigor is applied throughout the design, build and deployment phases to deliver tangible, lasting benefits and return on investment.

RPA end-to-end framework


  • Identify automation opportunities
  • Implement Proofs of Concept (PoC)
  • Develop an automation business case
  • Finalize operating model
  • Select vendors and confirm solutions
  • Complete end-to-end roadmap



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