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RPA Episodes


Chazey Partners RPA leaders, Chuy Michel & Jim Jameson, share, talk and debate about Robotic Process Automation, digitalization, emerging technologies and more!

Episode 1

RPA Proof of Concept vs. Pilot, which one?!

If you are confused between the terms, “RPA Proof of Concept (PoC)” and “RPA Pilot”, you are not alone. In this Episode, Chuy and Jim share with you some of the RPA myths and implementation tips they have learned along the way…

Episode 2

RPA Process Diagnostic & Discovery

Answering the who, what, why, when, and where to start questions of an RPA Journey is a challenge for most companies. RPA process discovery is a vital first step to ensure greater adoption and overall success of an automation program.

RPA Episode 3

Episode 3

What If Bots Get Sick?! RPA Managed Services

The episode is coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Episode 4

RPA Center of Excellence- Your Automation Scaling Recipe

The episode is coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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