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20th December 2016

Driving Procure to Pay Quick Wins

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A client of ours had already committed to Shared Services as a means of cutting costs and getting more transparency into its operations. Following significant operational changes resulting from a corporate reorganization, what became immediately apparent to the then head of Shared Services was that the company’s disbursements process (AP, T&E, Purchase card) still suffered […]

20th December 2016

Shared Services Delivery – Achieving Excellence in Service Delivery

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In this article, we share three case studies where organizations have made client-oriented strategy as a key part of shared services delivery. Regardless where you are on your Shared Services journey, it is absolutely essential to have a systematic and robust framework to guide your client interactions.  The differentiator for successful Shared Services is the […]

8th November 2016

Communicating the Value of Shared Services – A Deep Dive into Change Management

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The ultimate goal of a Shared Services transformation is to engage employees and encourage them to adopt a new way of doing their jobs. With surveys suggesting that most projects fail when transitional issues are not addressed properly, this article provides tips on communicating the value of Shared Services from a change management perspective. Download […]

16th October 2016

Why Shared Services Often Still Falters At The Gate?

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While industry reports seem to indicate the Shared Services model is widely recognized and applied, in truth, only a small segment of the total potential work has, to date, shifted successfully to this model. The vast majority of support services remain inefficiently and ineffectively embedded in the business units. The question is: Why? This report […]

18th April 2016

Proactively Managing Your Shared Services Stakeholders

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All too often change programs are initiated from the top of an organization with associated communications tailored to describe the organizational benefits of the proposed changes.  An initial foray into stakeholder identification may be made and thereafter little more than lip service paid to all barring those who carry the greatest power or influence within […]

18th January 2016

The make or buy decision

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Organizations that have chosen to work towards leading practice back office operations need to start by making a key decision about how to source services; either by setting up an internal Shared Services operation (“make”) or by purchasing the same services from a third party via outsourcing (“buy”).  There are various drivers that support one […]

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