Implementing a best-in-class RPA/IA Center of Excellence (CoE)

Implementing a Best in Class RPA/IA Center Of Excellence (CoE) to Drive Your Organization’s Automation Journey

A growing appetite for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/Intelligent Automation (IA) brings with it its own set of challenges. Best practice and experience supports the assertion that implementing a well-planned RPA/IA Center of Excellence (CoE) will help drive digital transformation.  But what exactly is an RPA/IA CoE?  When should an organization start evaluating the need to establish one?  And how does one go about implementing it?

This workshop takes a deep dive into the implementation of a best-in-class CoE and helps you develop a robust Intelligent Automation strategy to drive your enterprise digital capability.

  • A brief overview of the RPA marketplace
  • The definition of hyperautomation and what it can mean to you
  • How to implement a best-in-class RPA/IA CoE
  • Four core pillars of an RPA/IA journey: Process Suitability/Automation Strategy/Business Case; Proof of Concept; CoE implementation; Bots Development


  • Phil Searle, Founder & CEO, Chazey Partners
  • Chuy Michel, Head of RPA, Chazey Partners

This workshop is part of SSON’s Intelligent Automation Week Digital 2020 taking place on August 4–14, 2020.

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