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University of California, Office of the President

The UCPath Center team of 430 supports a modern payroll system for the University of California’s 235,000 employees with self-service options and a suite of technical solutions that augment the base functionality of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management application.  The nine-year UCPath project included the establishment of a new shared services center in Riverside, California, supporting all ten campuses, five UC health systems, and five other UC locations.  The nine-year project concluded with final cutover activities related to the go-live at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in July 2020.

In 2014, UCPath first engaged Chazey Partners to support the development of a business continuity plan.  This included development of a business impact analysis, risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and detailed mitigation procedures.  The final report included recommendations and next steps to continue to strengthen business continuity maturity at UCPath.  This work occurred prior to the first location going live with UCPath and established principles for how to build business continuity principles into the culture and agreements that governed how UCPath and its client locations worked together.  In 2020, UCPath adapted their existing business continuity plan with the following goals (and achievements): provide full service to the UC medical centers, pay every UC employee, and continue rollout of UCPath to the remaining client locations.

In early 2019, UCPath hired Chazey Partners as a consulting partner to identify and help implement improvement opportunities that provided rapid, tangible benefits across its end-to-end service portfolio: covering processes, service levels, technology tools and organizational structure.  This work included a four-week assessment that identified short, medium and long-term solutions across six topic areas.  The implementation focus for the ten-week implementation phase included reducing avoidable contact, improving case status/ownership, improving production in payroll, and strengthening client location interactions.  The project implemented tangible improvements, including knowledge base development, Salesforce templates/alerts, payroll process mapping, payroll Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects, and other takeaways for improvement.

Later in 2019, Chazey Partners supported UCPath in responding to information requests from the Finance and Capital Strategies Committee.  This work included assessment of the pre-business case discussions (2010 and prior), the PwC business case (2011), Hackett Report (2014), UCPath Technology roadmap (December 2019), current metrics and volume data, as well as facilitated discussions with the UCPath leadership and UCPath Advisory Board.  This effort resulted in a written item for UCPath governance and provided the foundation a future Post-Deployment Report.

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