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Beyond Traditional Shared Services – Global Business Services

Global Business Services - Move beyond traditional Shared Services

Over the past few years, as Shared Services management thinking as well as the awareness of the value of data analytics has evolved, there is now a more pronounced demand for better quality data insights; increasingly globalized support strategy; and more holistic, enterprise-wide” decision-making that is leading many organizations to aspire to a more sophisticated Global Business Services (GBS) model.

GBS, however, is not easily attainable, as it requires a more consistent mandate at a high level, and strong central governance to manage it.

The article highlights the key messages about the GBS model and some insightful learning tips.

  • How does GBS differ from traditional shared services?
  • Start with “Business Services” – Then go “Global”
  • Advantages of the GBS model
  • Multifunction or Single Function?
  • What’s driving us towards “Global”?
  • A word of “warning”

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