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3 Key Aspects of Shared Services Optimization


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3 Key Aspects of Shared Services Optimization

30th January 2018

When considering moving further down the path of shared services,  we recommend exploring 3 key aspects of shared services optimization – Assessment, Optimization and Growing.


  • Improve customer satisfaction while maintaining (and expanding) efficiency
  • Implement appropriate and valuable benchmarks and KPIs

Recommended tools: Client Interaction Framework/ KPIs for the performance review


  • Identify opportunities for advancement through Technology Enablement, including ERP, Workflow, Document Management and latest enablers such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


  • Expand scope through new functions and service line
  • Advance current functions up the value chain into new areas such as sourcing, data analytics and planning

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9 Critical Components to a Successful Client Interaction Framework

Download our comprehensive and powerful guide on SHARED SERVICES – ASSESSMENT, OPTIMIZATION, GROWING


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